xiaomi m365 repair upgrade guide

Xiaomi Mi M365: Repair and Upgrade Guide

There are simply a lot of people turning to the Mi M365 whenever it comes to high-quality electric scooters. This is for the reason that while it offers some of the best features a scooter could have, it can also be modified to fit the users’ personal needs. Also, parts, components, and repair services are easy to come by.

While repair services are readily available for the Xiaomi M365 from almost everywhere, you can also choose to do the repairs and modifications on your own. In this article, we’ll share with you some of the most effective and useful upgrades, repairs and even modifications you can do with your Mi electric scooter.

Xiaomi Mi M365 Repairs and Upgrades

Lighting upgrade

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One common flaw of the Mi M365 is its dim LED lighting. One thing you can do to fix this is to install a super bright bike light right in front as well as at the back.

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For the front light: The Nightrider Lumina 750 is one of the best front LED lighting for the Xiaomi Mi M365. It can be installed over the handlebars easily through its clip-and-lock base attachment. The 750 lumens of brightness allow you to see your path clearly through the dark, and this allows your M365 scooter to be visible from others.

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For the rear light: The Cygolite Hotshot Pro 150 is also among the leading rear LED lighting for the Xiaomi mi electric scooter. This lighting is just the right choice if you are looking for an inexpensive, rechargeable as well as ridiculously bright light. While this is attached to the rear handle, it can also be attached or clipped onto clothing or bag.

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Adjusting and tightening the m365 brakes

xiaomi m365 brakes

As you press or squeeze the handlebars, do you feel that the brakes to not grab on? If this is the case, you’ll probably just need to tighten the brakes (this usually is the case for new scooters).

Here’s a quick video tutorial if you want to adjust the brakes of your Xiaomi Mi M365.

For even more brake optimization, you can try to install 140mm rotor disk together with Avid BB7 calipers and thus bring your electric scooter brakes to the top level.

Changing m365 tires

xiaomi m365 tires

If you want to change tires of your electric scooter, check out this video tutorial.

How you can avoid tires flats?

All tires including that of the M365 scooter which makes use of pneumatic tires are prone to flats. If you want to avoid flats for your tires you should keep the proper air pressure.

Inflate your tires with the ideal pressure

One thing that users usually neglect when inflating Xiaomi scooter tires is the ideal or proper pressure for tires. Maintaining the recommended and proper pressure ensures optimum performance of the tires and greatly prevents chances of flats. For the M365 with 8.5 inch stock tires, the recommended pressure is 55 PSI. The most convenient way to inflate the tire is through a bike pump equipped with a gauge to monitor the amount of pressure.

Use solid tires

You can replace your stock m365 tires with airless solid tires. You can buy it on Amazon here.

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M365 Dashboard Cover Replacement

M365 Dashboard Cover Replacement

There is a special upgrade kit for Xiaomi m365 which replaces the original dashboard and circuit board. The data display panel cleanly shows current speed, power consumption, working mode, etc.

The circuit board is easy to install and connect to your scooter, just plug and go.

You can buy it on Amazon here.

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Increase scooter performance by flashing the software

m365 firmware upgrade

One effective and proven way to improve performance as well as tune the components of your Xiaomi scooter such as the scooter battery, motor, and others is by flashing the firmware. In this regard, you will need to configure the firmware on your own.

While flashing the firmware can greatly improve the performance of your scooter, it can also break or wreak the scooter permanently if done wrongly. Also, doing this on your own will void the warranty so be advised to proceed with caution.

Xiaomi Firmware Replacement Steps:

First, check the firmware of the scooter if it is compatible with the upgraded version. Your M365 scooter should come with a pair of fuses that are compatible with any firmware update. A good way to check its compatibility is through the serial number along with the battery manufacture date. To check these components, open up the Mi app that is connected to your scooter over your phone or device. Not all apps will be the same as the other – the appearance of the app is different from every device.

  • Check the manufacturing date of the battery: It should be no earlier than March 2017.
  • The last eight digits of your serial number should be more than 35000.
  • When these criteria or conditions are met, you can then proceed with flashing the firmware using these simple steps:
  1. Download the app – M365 DownG using your Android phone.
  2. Switch on the scooter – charge it for at least 70%
  3. Start the DownG app and connect with the scooter
  4. Wait for the app to detect the scooter from the list and choose it to connect
  5. Press “Open Bin” once connected
  6. Choose the new firmware “200CFW_W.bin” and press “Flash Bin”
  7. The operation will take a few minutes. Do not use or interrupt the device and scooter during the operation.

Benefits of upgrading scooter firmware

The first and best thing that you’ll get whenever you upgrade your M365 firmware is a boost in power. And by boosting the power, you also get more speed out of the scooter thus enabling shorter travel time and also carrying power for heavy loads.

The upgrade also enables your scooter an immediate push or exit without the need for pushing or support.

The only possible downside of upgrading the firmware is that the ECO mode will be lost and will be changed by the Normal mode. The normal mode is sort of the default or stock mode of the scooter that can be activated by double-pressing the mode button.

How to fix non-working Xiaomi m365 rear LED light

Xiaomi m365 rear LED light

Whenever the rear light is not working, there is a great chance that it is caused by a faulty connection. Most of the time, this problem is caused by friction from the wire connected to the power and the scooter tires. This can be easily fixed by repairing or changing any damaged wire and positioning them to a place where it can’t come in contact with the tire.