Xiaomi m365/m365 pro VS Segway by Ninebot ES2/ES4


The brand “Xiaomi” and “Ninebot” has been among the youngest yet dominating companies to hit the qualitative technology industry. While Ninebot has always been a known name with regard to short distance transportation products, what many people do not know about Xiaomi is that it also incorporates their technology over vehicles. Among those Xiaomi vehicles readily available in the market today are the Xiaomi scooters – which are common trends today with regards to portable vehicles. Competing with the Xiaomi scooters are the Segway series scooters from Ninebot.

For this article, we’ll be giving a review for 4 of the best scooters in the market today – namely the Xiaomi-m365, the Xiaomi-m365 Pro, Segway-es2 and Segway-es4. We’ll compare them from each to bring you the best option for your needs and for your budget.

Xiaomi m365

Xiaomi m365 electric scooter

Among the newest and best electric scooter choices from Xiaomi is the Xiaomi-m365. It features a unique folding design for portability and for easy storage especially within small spaces. The Xiaomi-m365 is made light weight as well as durable with its aircraft-grade alloy providing a total weight of 12.5 kg – a much lighter weight compared to the conventional electric scooter. It is also incorporated with the advanced E-ABS brake system which offers increased braking comfort for the rider.

While it is among the smartest and best electric scooter for adults from Xiaomi, it is also a common favorite because of its looks. It comes with an easy cruise control system including the power options using short press button modes which also allows for energy-saving mode. It is powered by a LI-ion battery with 280 W capacity good for covering distances of 30 km max.

The scooter is fully integrated with advanced features and controls and can even be managed and monitored through a smart application.

What we like about Xiaomi-m365

The Xiaomi-m365 is an excellent and high-caliber scooter because of its great durability and impressive features such as the pneumatic tires, rear disc brake; bluetooth integrated app, as well as the performance monitoring. These features allow for more manageability and control over the vehicle. With more control, you are able to ensure a safe and efficient ride out of your scooter. Another good thing about this scooter despite having much slower speed than most of its compatitors is that it’s easy enough to use even for younger ages. For a scooter that can carry up to 100 kg and can be used by any ages, you have yourself an all-around scooter.


  • Long lasting battery life
  • Portable folding feature
  • Features double braking system
  • User-friendly settings
  • Fast charging and fast speed
  • Bigger tires compared to most scooters
  • Excellent for uphill climbs


  • Insufficient safety features
  • Difficulty in changing tires
  • Handle bars do not fold
  • Triangle folding instead of flat folding

Xiaomi m365 pro

If you have your Xiaomi-m365 scooter but want more features as well as speed then you can simply opt for the Xiaomi-m365 pro. One thing that riders love about this scooter is its integrated safety features and impressive distance coverage of up to 45 km with just using one charge of the battery. Adding to the long-range battery life, the Xiaomi-m365 pro also boasts intuitive controls which provide easy and smooth maneuverability and management for the entire vehicle.

Easy to fold in just 3 steps and can be carried and stored within small spaces. This scooter also features an E-ABS anti-lock braking system that enables fast and efficient braking whenever you need them. Both the wheels have a diameter of 8.5 inches and are made up of highly durable rubber material with excellent shock absorption.

What we like about Xiaomi-m365 pro

The great thing about the Xiaomi-m365 pro is that it has excellent workmanship and better design. While the vehicle already looks cool and premium, it is a reliable scooter for stable riding ventures regardless of the terrain or road surface. The longer battery life in particular is a thing to boast about this scooter and with the 45 km max distance to cover, you’ll be able to make rounds in urban areas without worrying about running out of power. Also, the displays are impressive. It allows for easy control and manageability over the features of the vehicle with just one touch.


  • Increased battery capacity for greater distance coverage
  • Stronger motor for more speed
  • Better uphill speed compared to earlier models such as Xiaomi-m365
  • LCD display features
  • Dual braking system – regenerative and disc braking


  • Expensive price
  • Heavier weight
  • Longer charging hours
  • Uses power as fast as Xiaomi-m365

Segway Ninebot es2

Segway ninebot es2 electric scooter

Another excellent choice of the best electric scooter for adults from Segway is the Ninebot es2. It provides riders with an excellent speed having good distance coverage within a single charge. Ideal for single travels, this scooter can also provide longer travels through the battery-upgrade that can be easily purchased almost anywhere. It can also work with an external battery to improve speed from 18.6 mph to 27 miles which is comparable to electric bikes speed range.

In terms of power, the Segway-es2 is much preferred than the earlier scooters. With a 300 W mounted motor having a peak wattage of 600 W, this scooter is undeniably superior to other scooters. Adding to that, this scooter also has a suspension system on its rear and a front shock that is mounted over the front tire. With this design, any shocks and vibrations from bumps are greatly reduced.

Segway ninebot es2 electric scooter

Much lighter than other scooters, having only 28 lbs and easily foldable within seconds. Likewise, this scooter is easy to store and is definitely easy to carry anywhere.

What we like about the Segway es2

Although the Segway es2 is not the fastest scooter there is, it comes well equipped with reliable and usable features. The speed of 18.6 mph is just right for any city riding ventures and with a peak power of 600W you’ll get just enough power to make it to your destinations without worrying about running out of battery soon. The 3 speed modes also allow for better maneuverability and control over the vehicle. These 3 modes include the limit speed mode that serves as the lowest gear, normal speed mode with the near max speed, and the sports mode which allows riders to get the most speed with the highest power usage. Sports mode are usually used for up hill climbs.

Segway ninebot es2 electric scooter outside

In addition, the LED lights below the board greatly highlights the aesthetics of the scooter and makes it look cool.


  • Impressive speed at 15 mph – 18.6 mph covering 27 miles
  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • One-click folding system for easy carrying and storage
  • Bluetooth technology integrated and app monitoring
  • Easy to use
  • High quality and durable
  • Comes with a secondary battery
  • Sturdy foot board


  • Sensitive steering alignment
  • No attachment features for handlebar
  • Manually adjust brake settings depending on use
  • Can incur software issues upon excessive use

Segway Ninebot es4

segway ninebot es4 electric scooter

On the other hand, Segway es4 is all about power. This scooter offers an impressive battery power of 374 W/H and motor peak power set at 800 W. This allows for more than just single trips from one charge. Also the battery is designed with features to ensure efficient performance. The battery comes with over current, short-circuit, along with over charge protection. With this feature, achieving the maximum capacity of the battery is easily achieved whilst maintaining safe and efficient functioning.

segway ninebot es4 electric scooter dissassembly

With more power comes more mile coverage of this scooter. With a full charge from its LI-ion battery, it can offer a top speed of 19 mph and coverage of 28 miles. These yields are much higher than any e-scooters in the same price category as well as weight.

segway ninebot es4 electric scooter handle

Of course, it also boasts an anti-lock brake system integrated with a mechanical brake to provide ease and convenient braking. The Segway-es4 is also built with a 13 ft braking distance allowance whenever cruising at 12.4 mph for better rider safety.

segway ninebot es4 electric scooter front

What we think about Segway-es4

As a successor to previous Ninebot scooter models, we can say that Segway-es4 is the best. The added external battery provides a relief that you’ll have more power to spend if you’re making long travels – despite the already long distance covered which is 28 miles per charge. The max speed is also impressive and lets you glide along traffics effortlessly. The new grip pattern as well is a thing to boast about this scooter since it provides ergonomic as well as comfortable handling. If anything else, you’ll look cool in this scooter with its silver finish and advanced cruise control features.

ninebot es4 night


  • One-touch folding design for easy storage and carrying
  • Electrical and mechanical braking system
  • Advanced control settings with app integration
  • Designed with battery manageability features
  • With peak power of 800W
  • Front and rear shocks to reduce vibration
  • Great distance coverage at 30 km, ideal for long rides


  • May require fully charging the battery before use to avoid damage
  • Heavy
  • 7 hours charging time

Our recommendations

All 4 scooters are definitely among the top rated scooters of today not only for adult use but also for any age. With the details mentioned in this review, it becomes quite a challenge to choose which of the mentioned best electric scooter options to go for.

A great way for you to choose your ideal scooter is to refer to your particular needs. Here are your best options to go for depending on specific criteria and needs.

Power and speed

When it comes to power, the Segway-es4 is definitely the best choice in this list. It comes with 300W rated power having 800W peak power. This allows for longer distance coverage and also allows for longer hours of trips. The only problem with a bigger motor capacity is that it will take more time to charge. However, if you prefer a good power out of your scooter but is fast charging then we would recommend going with the Segway-es2.

Usability and features

Many riders prefer a scooter that is user-friendly and comes with a number of control and manageability features such as cruise control settings, mode, speed and battery indicators, and so on. These settings allow for much better control over the vehicle and also allow a better level of comfort. In this regard, the Segway-es2 would be the ideal choice since it comes with settings that are easy to navigate and set up. These features are also integrated in the Segway-es4 however the price would already increase significantly given that it has the same features.

Body and design

People prefer scooters because they are simply easy to carry and store. Foldable designs allow for better storage even on tight spaces such as within the car compartment or even under furniture. Also, the material construction of the scooter will immediately tell if the vehicle is durable and can endure considerable amounts of vibrations from rough terrains. In this regard, all 4 choices have excellent quality material construction and are also well-designed with a foldable body. Probably the only discrepancy in this regard is the size or dimension. For bigger riders, a scooter with a wider and longer foot board would be ideal. When it comes to bigger foot boards, we recommend both the Xiaomi-ms365 and Xiaomi-m365 Pro because they both come with the same foot board dimensions.


Unquestionably, the more expensive the scooter is, the more features and advantages you will get. However, you don’t really need all the features in one scooter – consider only those that you need and you’ll come up with a better idea for your budget. For riders who use scooters for general use such as when going to work, or picking up the grocery, we would recommend the Xiaomi m365 pro. It comes with an ideal power, speed, and at the same time with a good price.

Our final thoughts

Looking at the overall features and power, we think that the Segway-es4 is the best in our list. Not only is integrated with the most advanced features which not all of the other choices and other scooter brands have, it also boasts battery power capable for long rides. The added power also compensates for the added weight which means you don’t really feel the drag of the weight when you’re travelling. Also, despite the hefty price, it is built with a number of safety features along with cruise control settings that would help you ride with convenience and comfort.


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