folding electric scooter

The Benefits Of Foldable Electric Scooter

Most cycling fans can argue that thanks to cycling it is possible to forget about traffic jams. However, electric scooters are even more compact!

Many scooter models are equipped with a folding mechanism. So if necessary, you can easily just throw the scooter on your shoulders, and continue your journey by foot. Transportation of the foldable electric scooter for adults in the trunk of a car or public transport will also not cause any difficulties.

The main advantages of a foldable scooter are mobility and compactness. It is convenient to put it in public transport, it can be transported in the trunk, it occupies a minimum of a place at home. Folding scooters are made of light aluminum alloy, so it weighs less. It is a modern and comfortable means of transportation around the city!

Types of folding electric scooters

Types of folding electric scooters

There are two types of foldable mechanism:

  • Located between the deck and the wheel: the scooter bends in this place “in half.” In this case, it is convenient to carry it in hands or on a special belt. It can be hidden in any convenient place of the house or office – under a table, bed, in a closet.
  • Only the handlebar is foldable. As a result, the design is still not very compact, so such an option is practically not found in the new foldable scooter’s models.

In turn, there are models with a manual and automatic system. In the first case, the scooter is folded using the lever which needs to be pulled to set it in the necessary position. The automatic system is based on a plunger that is activated by a button.

The disadvantages of folding electric scooter

Some cons could mainly be related to the reliability of the folding mechanism. Many people do not buy a folding scooter out of fear that the connecting nodes will break or the handlebar mechanism will start to loosen and the scooter will fold by itself or, worse, will break into two parts.

The disadvantages of folding electric scooter

Wear of the folding mechanism is inevitable, but modern scooters have many ways to extend the life of the folding mechanism. First of all – the use of top quality alloys, as well as the possibility to tighten the play of the folding mechanism if you will need to. So, in general, its a very robust thing.

If you will decide to buy a foldable electric scooter, we’ve already prepared a review of the best models, check it out!