New Affordable Urban E-bike – the ELBI from Sweden


Swedish firm ELBI make compact, 20inch-wheeled BMX-inspired bikes and have now launched an electric version on Indiegogo.

ELBI say the e-bike features a reinforced low-weight aluminum frame, a built-in front basket that also houses the battery and a maintenance-free belt drive with hub gears.

The front wheel hub motor comes with the option of a torque sensor (250W) or cadence sensor (500W).  

The crowdfunding page (already fully funded) also has a non e-bike option and many options for the e-bike design such as hydraulic brakes (instead of a front v-brake and rear coaster brake) and lights. 

Crowdfunding prices for the electric version start at £688 / US$895.

ELBI say they have kept prices low by shipping directly from their manufacturing facility in Taiwan (and they emphasise this is not China, hence US import duties or European anti-dumping duties do not apply).  

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