Jetson Bolt Folding Electric Bicycle: A Great Bicycle for an affordable price

Since its introduction, electric bicycles have always been a favorite topic in the field portable vehicles. A wide variety of options are available from the basic e-bike to mini e-bikes, cargo bikes and even $10,000 street e-bikes.

And with its impressive spectrum, usually, you’ll find one that’s really interesting and worth investing in. One of these is the Jetson Bolt which is among the crowd’s favorite bicycles and has an affordable price. As I bought myself one and tried it out for a couple of weeks, I found that it’s really capable. Here’s my take on the Bolt bicycle.

Before anything else, one that many do not know about this bicycle is that it has no pedals. Yes, you heard it right – no pedals. This made me question if this can really be considered a “bicycle”.

Based on this design, I would rather look at it as a scooter since it’s also smaller than the average bicycle.

The specs

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With it’s rather smaller size than the traditional bicycle, it is much lighter with 34 lbs or 15.4 kg total weight. Despite its size, however, it can carry as much as 113 kg or 250 lbs – still good for large and heavy riders.

The 250W motor at the rear seems average however it comes with an impressive torque reliable for hefty weights. With its motor, I’m able to reach the top speed of 15 mph in just seconds. One thing to bear in mind in this regard is that the bicycle doesn’t have any pedals which means there’s not much control for acceleration.

The manual says that it comes with a rated range of 35 miles however it already got sluggish around the 30 miles when I tried it. I think it’s impossible to reach that much rated ranger in non-flat surface – however, it would certainly do in a sloping surface. Despite that, however, 30 miles is already impressive for a small e-bike like the Jetson Bolt. Designed primarily for city riding, I don’t think there’s a need to cover more miles than that.

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It comes with a 36V battery which means this bicycle isn’t made for long rides. The brake mechanism is composed of a mechanical disc brake at the rear. This allows for hardcore skids and power slides (if you don’t know this I can teach you).

You’ll be glad to find that the handlebars come with a number of adornments like the battery meter, cruise control button, horn, twist throttle and the on/off switch. All to give better control and maneuverability for the e-bike.

Of course, LED lighting on the front and rear are also well-designed and built-in over the bicycle frame. This bicycle can be folded to 20x40x28 inches to allow for portability and easy storage.

The quality

If you’re looking for quality and comfort when riding, I would recommend this bicycle. At first, the “no pedal” feature left a blind feeling however after a few runs, it eventually becomes normal for my feet.

With its rather good torque and small wheels of 12 inches, this bicycle can pretty much speed up quickly and there’s no need for a push.

Pedals would be useful in this regard for uphill surfaces since it is fixed to slow speed for uphill climbs.

I wasn’t very keen on trying it out on uphill surfaces since it would mean I’ll have to carry or walk it back as soon as the battery runs out. I think this is the only downside of this bicycle not having pedals.

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But then again, there are also a number of things that make investing in on the Jetson Bolt worth it. One is that the bike is made up of lightweight material, from its frame to its components which include the chain, cranks, pedals, chainrings, derailleur, cassette, and many others. Also, these parts don’t require maintenance and they’re quite easy to adjust for your riding comfort and manageability.

With the lesser parts, this bicycle is much cheaper than its competitions. Despite the lower price, however, it maintained a high quality due to the selection of materials along with the electrical components.

A suspension would have made the bicycle a lot smoother on uneven surfaces however it’s nearly impossible to hit a suspension system in this particular price range. Also, the bicycle comes with a plush seat along with a pair or wide tires that delivers a smooth sail of a ride. For extra comfort, you can always add a suspension seat or change with a more comfortable saddle.

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  • powerful 250W motor
  • comes with handle bar controls
  • lithium Ion battery that lasts a long time
  • easy to fold
  • impressive weight capacity
  • light frame and components
  • affordable price
  • slow on uphill climbs
  • not ideal for long rides
  • no suspension system

My final thoughts

Honestly, the Jetson Bolt e-bike is worth the money. It lets you ride on a bicycle that functions as an electric scooter.

It’s a great bicycle however it should not be compared to other more expensive e-bikes. I’ve tried a number of e-bikes that can cover larger distances with more battery capacity and other features. However, I’ve never tried a great quality e-bike with good features that come at an incredibly affordable price.

Up to this date, my best e-bike experience so far is with the Swagtron EB-5 which comes with an affordable price. The only difference with the Jetson Bolt is that it comes with a pedal and is slightly more expensive. If you don’t mind the “no-pedal” feature and don’t have enough budget, I would recommend the Jetson bike.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that is easy to manage, portable and can provide comfort, this bicycle would be a great investment.