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Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Review [2022 Update]

Just recently, I’ve had the chance to try out a Jetson Adventure E-bike for a few days. Surprisingly, after a series of rides, I was impressed with the bike – I actually thought about not returning the bike then but I know I’d be in deep trouble if I did. Riding the Jetson Adventure electric bike seemed effortless because of its power-assisted design. Somehow the experience made me think less of the regular bicycle which needs muscles to actually move the pedal.

The company

Before anything else, the Jetson brand is a new bicycle company that aims to give quality e-bikes, with a vision of providing “the most extensive line of personal mobility products for all ages that are environmentally friendly, convenient and affordable.” This and more info on their website. The company will offer a wide choice of bicycles and other portable vehicles such as scooters, hoverboards, skateboards, bicycles, e-bikes, trikes, and many others. I mentioned “will be” because the store is still to launch.

The Jetson Adventure bike review

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One thing that I noticed while I was riding the Jetson Adventure electric bike is that, well, like riding a bike! The only difference from a regular bicycle is that the Jetson comes with a 250W motor powered by a 36V Lithium-Ion battery. This capacity is more than enough to power the 27.5-inch wheels. However, you don’t have to rely solely on the battery for movement, per se. Power will only be applied as soon as you are at a pedaling momentum and it automatically stops the moment you stop pushing the pedal. The motor provides assistance in pushing on the pedal which gives you a comfortable biking experience without much effort. This feature allows you to achieve good comfort as the bike starts to deliver power. Adding to the comfort, the bike is also quite easy to use.

I took the challenge of riding with the bike uphill and I was impressed with the results. Normally, I would be totally drained the moment I reach the peak of the hill if I was using a regular bicycle, however, with the Jetson Adventure, I didn’t hear any complaints from my quads. I even zoomed effortlessly along roads and didn’t break a sweat while pacing traffic. Without knowing, I completed an 8.2-mile ride around the town!

the jetson adventure lcd display

Other features

Aside from the obvious pros of the Jetson Adventure E-bike, there are also other features that are worth mentioning. It comes with an LED headlight and tail-lamp built within its frame which ensures safety. It is also designed with a traditional bell that leaves a feeling of “old” and at the same time a modern feel of the bicycle. The Jetson Adventure is also designed with light and durable materials that can carry a total of 300 pounds – an impressive capacity for a motor-powered bike. The frame has a built-in LCD that displays the speed of the bike along with the distance covered, as well as the remaining battery life. The LCD also comes with settings that you can set up for better control and monitoring as you ride. It comes with an assist mode that allows you to ride at a particular speed.

Furthermore, the e-bike comes with a front shock suspension which ensures a smooth and comfortable sail when riding. It doesn’t come with a shock feature at its rear however the seat is designed with a shock-absorbing feature to protect you from being jarred. Both the front as well as the rear wheels come with a disc brake for easy and effortless braking.

jetson adventure front view

Despite the many perks of this bicycle, however, there are also a number of things that are simply hard to not notice. One thing that I criticize about this bike is its top assisted speed, which is only 20 mph and you can’t really have more out of the bike. But i have to say that this bike shoots up to 20mph surprisingly quickly and I can sail around town at that speed with little effort. The good thing however is that there are always pedals that you can use if you want more speed – if not, head downhill for more speed without using the pedals.

jetson adventure gears

Another thing that bugs me about this bike is its rather heavier weight. It has a total weight of 42 lbs which is much heavier than any modern bicycle. With the motor off, the bike feels heavy and hard to balance for newbies or for those who just can’t keep up with a heavy bike. However, as soon as the motor starts, the bicycle immediately becomes lighter and becomes more manageable. Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal again with a heavy bike as soon as the battery runs out. But of course, this e-bike was designed for city travel and rides where there are a lot of options for battery recharge and power outlets – before totally running out of battery, you can just pedal your way to a recharge outlet.

  • long-lasting battery
  • max range of 30 miles
  • impressive weight capacity
  • pedal Assist
  • front and Read LED lights
  • LCD display that displays battery life, distance and speed
  • durable aluminum alloy frame
  • bulky compared to normal bicycles
  • available only in 1 frame size
  • not recommended for uphill climbs

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The bottom line

Although the Jetson Adventure electric bike is much heavier compared to normal bicycles, it’s actually much lighter when considered as an e-bike.  Currently, the retail price is still subject to change depending on the retailer company. If you’re looking to grab your own Jetson Adventure e-bike, I recommend staying tuned at their website and waiting for the official launch.

As a final note: as soon as you get your hands on your own Jetson e-bike, I would advise storing it safely inside and not chained up in some stop sign over a corner – else you want to give it away of course.