how to ride a hoverboard

How To Ride A Hoverboard? Guide for beginners.

Despite the manufacturers’ claims that hoverboards are “intuitive transport,” many newcomers are simply intimidated by these two-wheel platforms. How at all to ride on a thing that doesn’t have any steering wheel and no support, only two wheels?

In fact, managing the hoverboard is not trickier than a regular segway. It is enough to know the basics, and then it will go easy by itself. These are the basics we’re going to talk about right now.

What do you need to know before you ride a hoverboard?

First of all, read the instruction manual for your hoverboard. Make sure it’s properly assembled, charged, and ready to ride. In the future also do these simple things before each ride: examine your hoverboard for any faults and fully charge it to avoid unpleasant surprises, wear your protective equipment.

Next: select the area suitable for the first ride. It should be flat (if you, of course, do not have a 10-inch wheels hoverboard) and a quite spacious place (at least 5×5 meters), without any obstacles. Empty parking will work well. Perfect if you have a friend who will help you learn how to ride a hoverboard. In the first minutes, support literally will be very important.

And finally, we strongly recommend you to use protective equipment:  helmet and protective pads. It is possible that you will fall, and in this case, the protection will be very helpful.

How to ride a hoverboard: principles and instructions.

So we start learning how to ride a hoverboard. Follow our simple instructions, and in a few minutes, you will begin your ride!

1. Get on the hoverboard

get on the hoverboard

Place your hoverboard in front of the helper or front of the wall you’ll hold on to. If a friend helps you, he can hold the hoverboard from movement – it will be easier to stand up. Put one foot on the platform, and the hoverboard turns on and starts vibrating. Don’t be scared that it will start moving, just lean on the foot already standing on the platform and put a second one next to it.

A hoverboard without a handle works in such a way that if you stand straight on it with two feet, you will not fall anywhere. But if you start waving your hands, swinging or trying to “balance” be ready to fall. So, keep calm, try not to be nervous: look in front of you, keep your knees slightly bent, don’t do unnecessary movements. Stay still and stand straight.
standing on hoverboard

When you’re able to stand on a hoverboard, just keep standing quietly for a minute or two, get used to sensations, and then it is possible to move on.

2. How to ride a hoverboard?

riding the hoverboard

Unlike a segway, the hoverboard does not have a steering wheel, so use your body instead. Try to tilt forward a little bit with the whole body – not just bending your back, but namely tilt your body! It is not necessary to “fall” – the deviation of 5-10 degrees is completely enough.

how to control the hverboard

After you will tilt your body, the hoverboard will go straight forward. The stronger you tilt, the faster the movement will be to a certain maximum, usually, it is 7-15 mph. After a maximum speed has been reached, no matter how much more you tilt, the hoverboard will not accelerate.

To stop, just tilt back to the straight vertical position of your body.

how to ride a hoverboard

Practice with straight motion: drive the hoverboard forward and backward. When you can safely perform these actions without the support of a friend, move on to mastering the turns.

You can hold your hands with no restrictions as long as you are comfortable. You can hold the bag, you can put them in your pockets, you can even read the book – no special requirements.

3. How to steer a hoverboard? Left and right turn.

How to steer a hoverboard? Left and right turn.

You already know how to get on the hoverboard, how to drive forward and backward. Now you have to study the turns. Here is where the transfer of body weight and the deviation of the body comes in play, but there is a nuance:

To turn left, move your body weight to the right toe, and to turn right move your body weight to the left toe.

Yes, when driving a hoverboard, the mirror principle works, and here it is necessary to get used. At first, it may be unusual for you to press the platform with your right foot to turn left, but this discomfort will pass quickly.

There are also hoverboards models that have the reverse steering control i.e. if you press on the right side it will turn right.

How to learn to ride a hoverboard? Conclusion.

Above is pretty enough information so that in 10-15 minutes of practicing you can master a hoverboard. We have one important advice left: move smoothly and do not rush. Some hoverboards models are very sensitive to the change of your body’s center of mass: if you suddenly tilt, it will also shift very sharply, and you are likely to fall.

How to learn to ride a hoverboard?

So, you have learned how to ride the hoverboard in the correct way as well as the main principles of controlling it. Do not be afraid to ride. The hoverboard improves the vestibular apparatus and trains you to keep the balance. As many may think, a hoverboard is a means of transportation for the lazy ones. But actually, throughout the ride, the leg muscles train very well because they’re in tension pretty much all the time.

riding on a hoverboard will be a pleasure for you

Smoothly, neatly, dimensionally – move in this way, and riding on a hoverboard will be a pleasure for you!