How to Choose the Best Electric Skateboard? Ultimate Guide 2022

Are you looking for the best electric skateboard? How do you pick the best one? While there are a lot of options out there to choose from, it might be confusing to settle on one, especially if you are buying for the first time. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all that research. This guide will help you pick the right one by looking at the important factors you should consider when selecting a board. When looking for the best skateboard, the first question you should ask yourself is, where do you want to ride it? It’s a fact that all boards will perform great on flat, smooth pavement. But when it comes to rough terrain, that’s when the difference between the different models begins to show. In essence, not a lot of skateboards will ascend steep hills, so it might make sense to consider this when buying. Therefore, where you are living and intend to ride your board is important. If there is a slope in the area you live in, you certainly have to look carefully at the different models out there.

Factors to Consider when Choosing an Electric Skateboard

To make this easier for you, here are the factors you should put into consideration when selecting:

Are you an experienced or novice skateboarder?

Are you an experienced or novice skateboarder looking for the Best Electric Skateboard?

If you are new to skateboarding, you want to select something that is suitable for your level. You can get a standard single-wheel drive or low-speed model, which is less expensive and less intimidating to a beginner. Moreover, they are great for starting out if you don’t know how much riding you’ll be getting from it.

But what if you are a pro looking for the Best Electric Skateboard?

Well, advanced skateboarders often have more options and can go for high-performance models. These ones usually have higher speed, better range capability, and are generally designed for more experienced boarders. So, unless you have the skills to maneuver them correctly, you shouldn’t buy them as that will amount to wasting money. You also don’t get to utilize them to their full potential. Besides, they can result in fatal injuries since they can easily throw you off the road because of their high acceleration rates. All these things shouldn’t be a worry to a pro skateboarder, however.

What’s your purpose?

This is another important factor to consider when choosing an electric skateboard. Is it for your daily commute? Or just occasional riding? You also want to consider where you’re going to be riding it. If most of your road trip is on roads with a steep slope, it’ll affect the kind of skateboard you choose. Not all models will be suitable so you’ll need to be selective. On the other hand, if you are planning on doing flat surfaces, then most skateboards will work for you.

Consider the motor type

Consider the motor type

There are majorly two types of electric skateboards, belt drive, and in-wheel hub motors. The newer generations of skateboards have hub motors and are generally faster. The older generations were generally built on belt-driven motors and are gradually being phased out by the new designs. New skateboard models often have a better braking system and support kick-pushing, which not only makes handling better but also makes it much more convenient to travel with your board.

What speed is suitable for you?

scooter speed

If you intend to use your electric skateboard as a tool of transport, you may want to consider the speed that the model comes in. The average speed of electric skateboards hovers around 15 km/h and up to 45 km/h. You have to first consider your level of experience and what speed will be the most suitable for that level. If you are an expert skateboarder, you may go for high-speed ones, which usually have a range from 25 km/h to 45 km/h. However, if you are still a novice, you may not be able to control the high speed of such models so you should look at getting one in the range of 15 km/h to 25 km/h. Another thing you want to consider is the transport authority in your country. Some countries like Singapore have speed limits for those driving skateboards, so you should put that into consideration too.

What range are you looking to cover?

scooter maximum distance

People purchase electric skateboards for different reasons, even though the most obvious reason is for transportation/commuting. If you are purchasing for this reason too, you should be more concerned about the range. The most suitable skateboard will take you to and from your destination without any need to recharge. For many people, it’s very inconvenient to have a skateboard with a flat battery in the middle of the road. If you are one of those people, then it’s important to determine the distance you’ll be covering with the board in advance and then choose one that offers the appropriate range for that. However, it should be noted that boards that take you on longer circuits will generally cost more, so plan your budget accordingly.

Consider the cost

If you want to prevent buyer remorse and ensure you get just the right skateboard that meets your needs, then think carefully about your budget. Sometimes you buy expensive items only to discover you aren’t getting the value for the money spent. Once you determine how much you are willing to spend, it’s just about finding a model that suits your preferences the most while still being in your budget range. It should be noted that the price of a skateboard is entirely dependent on what it offers. You’ll soon discover that electric skateboards with higher speed and ranges generally cost more, so consider the price carefully before making a commitment.

How easy is it to maintain?

How easy is it to maintain?

Maintaining a skateboard isn’t only about how good you are or how careful you make use of it. Instead, it also involves the built of the board itself. Some demand minimal maintenance while others require more effort to maintain. When it comes to maintaining an electric skateboard, what’s most important is the mechanical and electrical parts. For example, the bearings and screws should be routinely checked to ensure they are tight and upright. Also, electric skateboards with hub motors are easier to maintain than traditional belt-driven models since you aren’t going to be changing belts.

Consider the size and weight

scooter size

Last but not least, the size and weight of the skateboard you are buying. Do you intend to take it to work or go out with it occasionally? Will it be easy to carry for long distances, especially in the event that it runs out of battery juice? A good one should be light enough to carry for long distance, but not wispy that it cannot support your weight. For the electric skateboard that comes with a hub motor, they can weigh from as little as 10 pounds to 60+ pounds. This means you have a large range to work with in terms of weight, so it’s important to work out your own needs before buying. Aside from the weight of the skateboard itself, you also need to check how much weight it can relatively hold. In most cases, you won’t have problems here since most are durable and strong enough to support your mass on a fast-paced movement.

Final thoughts

After everything is said and done, your wallet will be the ultimate deciding factor on the kind of the best electric skateboard you settle on. However, you need to consider the other facts aside from your budget. This is because your budget in isolation could very much lead you to choose an unsuitable model. Factors like the range, performance, remote type, and personal preferences are very important factors you need to pay attention to. They are equally important, if not more important, as the money you want to pay for the skateboard.

Whether you are looking for a sleek-looking electric skateboard, or an advanced model, or an ordinary one with slightly average features, you’ll do better by considering the above-mentioned factors. We have already posted our review of Top 6 best electric skateboards, but don’t forget that no one can be the judge for you. You’ll only get the facts and probably opinions from different experts on the different models out there but you are the sole decider on what you want to settle on. This is probably why it’s important to read this guide carefully and with an open mind and piece together all the important parts so you can make an informed buying decision. Hopefully, you’d have gained a lot of insights by the time you read up to this point. And if there is one thing you should take away from this guide, it is that choosing an electric skateboard isn’t really a difficult matter if you know what to look for, which I hope this guide will help you with.

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