Heartbeat-tracking e-bike modulates its power to give you a workout


Among the criticisms of e-bikes is the fact that because they provide pedalling assistance, riders don’t get as much of a workout as they would otherwise. The Romanian-designed Xmera is designed to address that concern, by varying its level of assistance based on the rider’s heartbeat.

Xmera riders start by using an iOS/Android app to select the type of workout they want (fat-burning, cardio, high-intensity intervals, etc), along with the BPM (heart beats per minute) that they wish to maintain. They then put on an included electronic bracelet that monitors their pulse, or they use a compatible third-party BPM-capable fitness tracker.

hearthbeat ebike

Once they start riding, the wearable transmits their heartbeat data via Bluetooth to the bike’s microcontroller. It responds by continuously varying the amount of pedalling assistance provided, keeping the rider in their BPM zone while delivering the selected workout.

If they wish, riders can switch off the Workout function, using the Xmera as a regular e-bike. In that case, it either delivers preset levels of assistance, or it can be used in a non-pedalling throttle-only mode. Additionally, if its onboard sensors detect that a crash has occurred, the app will alert a predetermined list of contacts.

The bike itself is definitely of the increasingly-popular retro-minibike variety, with a long seat and foot pegs for accommodating a second passenger. The base model incorporates a Bafang 250-watt rear hub motor, powered by a 36V/10Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery. That combo delivers a top motor-assisted speed of 16 mph (25 km/h), and a range of about 37 miles (60 km).

Riders desiring increased speed can select between upgrades ranging from 750-watt to dual front-and-rear 500-watt motors, along with dual batteries for extra range. They can also opt for a “Smart Helmet” – this device monitors the wearer’s brain waves, instructing the bike to deliver more assistance as they get tired, or to help them reach their top speed more effectively.

Should you be interested, the Xmera is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. Assuming it reaches production, the base model can be had for a pledge of US$1,199. Its planned retail price is $2,399.

The bike can be seen in use, in the video below.

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