Greyp’s new G6 e-mountain bike alters assistance based on rider heart rate


There are many electric-assist bikes available, and most will offer the rider different levels of assist, selectable from the handlebar. But the Greyp G6 unveiled in Zagreb, Croatia, on Friday can monitor a rider’s heart rate and adjust the level of assistance it provides accordingly.

The G6 pedal-assist bike represents Greyp‘s focus shift from power and speed to smart connectivity.

“Unlike traditional bike manufacturers that are basically combining push-bikes with electrical components, we have developed the bike around an electrical drivetrain, a bunch of sensors and advanced connectivity,” said Mate Rimac at the launch.

“The system features and eco-system that we are showing today are much more important than the bike itself. I believe that we succeeded in combining both cycling and the digital experience by integrating sensors and cameras, connecting bikes to the internet and developing an eco-system to create a completely new riding experience. We invested four years into the development. We believe this bike is the turning point for our company, and if I can put my modesty as aside for a moment, will stir up the industry at least a little bit.”

Riders use their own smartphones mounted to the handlebar as the main user interface, with an Android app available now and an iOS following next year. This acts as a trip computer and data hub for the suite of sensors that gather ride information as it happens. Data is processed and uploaded to the internet via the bike’s own 3G eSIM module (with Bluetooth 4.2).

Greyp says that the system allows the bike to play an active role in a rider’s decision-making, or even automate that process on the rider’s behalf. One example offered by the company is the bike’s ability to monitor a user’s heart rate and then adjust the level of electric assist to suit. Also, in the event of an accident or tumble, the bike can initiate a call to emergency services for assistance.

The rider can communicate with the G6 remotely through the app, snapping photos from the built-in cameras for example and locking the bike down in the event of attempted theft. The front and rear 1080/30p cameras are always recording, and over 50 telemetry data sets are captured during a ride, including bike inclination, g-force, barometric pressure, speed cadence, rider’s power output and rider’s heartrate.

The bike’s cooked-in connectivity means that riders can share footage and ride data as it happens over social media, or even gamify the ride by competing with other G6 riders. Detailed performance information is available for subsequent review at the end of the adventure, allowing users to deep dive into ride history or alter training regimes.

Elsewhere, the G6 rocks a carbon fiber reinforced composite frame in small, medium or large proportions. There’s an SRAM chain and eight speed derailleur, front and rear suspension with 150 mm (5.9 in) of travel and the bike rides on 27.5 inch wheels wrapped in Schwalbe tires.

Greyp’s own 36 V/700 Wh Li-ion battery pack can be removed between rides for charging at home. And the mid-mounted MPF Drive motor comes with Greyp-specific firmware loaded in.

The G6 is available in three variations – a Bold FS model for €6,499, the Expert FS for €6,999 and the Rebel FS for €7,499 (about US$7,380/7,940/8500). Each G6 will be delivered to the customer with the eSIM internet connection already active, and around 100 countries around the globe are supported, including the US.

The video below has more.

Source: Greyp

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