Delfast gets down to business with fleet-ready Partner e-bike


Back in 2017, Delfast launched an e-bike claimed capable of 236 miles of electric range per charge. The Prime was then used to snag the Guinness World Record for the greatest distance by electric bicycle on a single charge. And now the company has reworked that model to create the Partner, which is smarter and lighter and aimed squarely at small-to-medium businesses.

The Partner isn’t quite as impressive in the range department as the record-holding Prime. Delfast is quoting 150 km (93 mi) of per charge range from a Panasonic 48 V/25.6 Ah battery pack, with included Bluetooth smart battery management system. Its 1,500 W motor offers a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) and riders can choose from four ride modes – one pedal-assist and three all-electric.

The Partner does have the same Enduro frame as the Prime model, but rocks an XCM fork, DNM MM-22LAR suspension and tips the scales at 35 kg (77 lb) – the Prime is 10 kg heavier. The latest Delfast addition rides on 17-inch motorcycle tires, there’s a motor blocking feature and GPS tracking – though a SIM card is not included – and the built-in display shows remaining charge and speed information.

“It has around 100 miles of range, it’s lightweight (at least compared to our other models), but the key thing may be the software,” Delfast’s Dima Buhanevyc told New Atlas. “Our customers are provided with access to our proprietary portal where they can connect the Delfast bikes they use, track them in real time, issue tickets and monitor bike’s vital Key Performance Indicators.

“The idea here is to enable small-to-medium businesses and even enterprises that don’t possess this technology to have out-of-the-box fleet management, workforce management and Big Data analytics.”

You can see photos of the Partner that’s been undergoing testing at the company’s San Pedro test site in the gallery. The e-bike is up for pre-order now and is priced at €3,499 (a little over US$3,900). The production window is given as 5-7 weeks.

Product page: Delfast Partner

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