Boosted new electric scooter Announced


Recently a Boosted company posted on their instagram a post related to their new product:

Well, it happened! The long-awaited boosted scooter has been announced! I for one who has been waiting for a quality stand up scooter for years. Everything out seems to not last the test of time. I have owned boosted boards for years, the quality they put in their new line of products is amazing. Best yet, if you have problems, the after support is unbeatable. This just over a week from getting an email from Inboard announcing their cancelation of my Glider preorder. Boosted is killing it!
I will be buying a boosted scooter! So pumped!

So does it mean that we will have another top quality scooter on the market? Some blogger stated that he has even saw a prototype of it running around San Francisco a couple months back.

It looks to have super wide wheels, dual motor and looks sharp like a proper boosted vehicle.

Watch this ‘leaking’ video of him

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