Top 6 best electric skateboards under $500. Buyers guide 2022

Skateboarding? Well, who among us does not get fun from this engaging sport and lifestyle? Perhaps, this can be attributed to the fact that it is a bold, intrepid, and edgy activity whose euphoria can only be described by an avid skateboarding connoisseur. And being a bold and intrepid activity, it goes without saying that you should purchase the best of the best skateboard to relish all of its servings. Fortunately, the skateboard industry is as competitive and colorful as the sport itself. Consequently, it is no surprise that benchmark skateboard manufacturers exemplify and epitomize the daring spirit of creativity and free expression necessary to craft an award-winning skateboard. However, it is not all fun and games. It takes more than just crafting wooden decks and adorning them with immaculate graphics to make it to the top. It necessitates unwavering devotion and genuine passion to create a flawless and seamless skateboard. Having said that, here are the best electric skateboards under $500 that have stood the test of time, perseverance, and practicality to distinguish themselves as the front-runners in the skateboarding realm.

The Best Electric Skateboards Review

Vokul V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser

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If you are after an inexpensive yet high-quality electrical skateboard, you will not be disappointed by the Vokul V1 whatsoever. It is arguably one of the cheapest electrical skateboards designed with top-notch technology and functional features to take your skating endeavors to the next level without having to break the bank.
Most notably, the Vokul is powered by a 350W hub motor. With this much power, you can conquer a variety of terrains easily be it the sidewalks, rough roads, or hills. This motor is driven by a UL-certified 7S2P 4.4Ah lithium battery giving this dynamic cruiser the capacity to seamlessly accelerate to its top speed of 13 miles per hour. The battery also packs enough juice from a single 2-hour charge to cruise for 10 miles. And if you are concerned with safety, it comes with regenerative braking which not only stops the skateboard but also restores energy to extended battery life.

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In terms of comfort, the skateboard is ergonomically designed to fit a wide array of feet. There is also a rider-friendly wireless remote designed to provide a firm grip when on your skating escapades. With it, you can switch between the 3-speed modes depending on your power needs from the convenience of your fingers.
To guarantee quality and satisfaction, there is a 6-month comprehensive warranty that covers all sorts of breakdowns and defects apart from grip tape and wheels.

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NB: this skateboard should not be used on rainy days since water can seep in through the battery hole and cause damages.
Charge the remote control with the original USB cable. Using others might damage, break or bend the terminals inside the remote

  • 6 months manufacturers warranty
  • Powerful 350W motor
  • Low charging time of just 2 hours
  • A top speed of 13 mph
  • And an impressive range of 10 miles
  • Not recommended for use in rainy days
  • The remote can only be charged with the original USB cable

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MEEPO V3 Electric Skateboard

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Meepo is literary the original success story of Kieran Mao who embarked on an ambitious journey to design and build inexpensive electric skateboards without compromising quality. This particular design is ideal for novices and experienced riders who are after an average speed and a relaxing way to explore the streets or go to work. Honestly speaking, it has a lot to be desired and admired.
The Meepo V3 in no way feels like traditional electric skateboards. It comes with brown and black vertical stripes which are the unique and signature design of Meepo.
Its deck is an impressive 38 inches and is crafted from high-quality 7ply maple wood which gives it a solid feel. And instead of using traditional grip tape, it is fitted with a nonabrasive EVA foam grip tape for the extra clutch when on the ride. Besides lasting longer, it makes it easier and safer to perform tricks. Moreover, the deck comes with a concave design and kicktail which offers a smooth rider experience more so when making sharp turns.

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Moreover, Campus 2.0 uses 350 W single hub motor power, which is a brushless motor. 350 W motor for an electric skateboard is not that much of a powerhouse
It is fitted with a powerful 350W brushless motor which can achieve a top speed of impressive 28 miles per hour. The motor can handle steep inclines with an index of 10% more than necessary to climb moderate hills under most terrains. The motor is powered by a Tesla Battery SANYO 20700B which takes 2 hours for a full charge with 3A charger. When fully charged, it covers a range of about 13 miles. However, this is dependent on the terrain you are cruising on.

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The motor can be controlled with an excellent remote which allows you to select from its four modes depending on your power needs. The modes include Beginner, Expert, Eco, and Pro.
These modes can be changed whilst riding implying that you don’t have to stop to shift to the next mode. And whenever you change a mode, there is a LED indicator that shows your current mode and also indicates the battery level.
Its wide and soft shockproof 83*52mm Polyurethane Wheels facilitate a smooth ride. These wheels can support a maximum weight of 300 lbs which is quite impressive for a 38-inch skateboard.

  • Designed with nonabrasive grip tape.
  • Fitted with a regenerative braking system.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Comes with an auto shut off and smart turn on feature
  • At just 32 inches, some riders might find it small.

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Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

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The Teamgee H5 will certainly blow your mind with its ultra-thin and light deck. The deck is a mere 15mm and weighs only 6.6kgs which might leave you wondering if you are looking at a skateboard at all. Not impressed yet? Well, it is also one of the few electric boards to incorporate a drop-through deck. This design lowers the deck by 15 to 20mm compared to most conventional electric skateboards. Being nearer the ground, provides a more stable and confident riding experience. The concave shape of the deck makes it easy to turn while the soft bushings make it nimble and comfortable more so when making sharp turns. Its board is 37 inches long, 8.7 inches wide and can sustain a maximum weight of 200 pounds.

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The Teamgee is fitted with a powerful 750W dual motor which can achieve an impressive top speed of 22 miles per hour. This engine is powered by a hidden battery. On a single 2 hour charge, it can achieve a range of between 9 to 11 miles depending on the terrain and incline of the surface you are riding on.
Its 90mm PU wheels are designed to distribute weight equitable across the board to facilitate extra grip and performance. This comes in handy, especially when making turns and performing tricks.

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The remote control is designed to display riding data which makes it possible to track the status of your ride at a glance. The headlight on the remote control also makes it possible and safe to ride the board at might without worrying about hitting obstacles or being hit by other motorists.

  • A powerful dual motor engine with a capacity of 750W
  • An impressive range of between 9-11 miles
  • A remarkable top speed of 22 miles per hour
  • Wide and soft wheels for a smooth ride regardless of the nature of the terrain riding om
  • Not weatherproof

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For any rider looking to expand their skating endeavors to an electric board, the Blitzart Hurricane is an ideal choice and this is for several reasons.
It is powered by a 350W brushless hub motor which has the capacity to produce an impressive top speed of 19 miles per hour. The motor is powered by a 36V and 4Ah Lithium-Ion which can power the board for 12 miles on a single 2 and a half hour charge.
The deck is artistically designed with two layers of bamboo, and six layers of maple wood plus premium grip tape for extra friction and stability. The six-ply wooden deck is crammed in between a layer of bamboo on both sides to offer extra strength and stability. The deck is designed with a concave shape and fitted with grip tape to keep your feet on the board regardless of the nature of the terrain. This entire construction can support up to 250 pounds. Moreover, it comes fully assembled so that you can’t waste your precious time wondering how where each part should go. In other words, it is more of a buy-and-ride skateboard.

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There is an ergonomically designed wireless remote that perfectly fits your hand. This comes in handy when decelerating or accelerating the skateboard. With it, you can choose from 2-speed modes which are advanced for pro skaters and beginner for novices. The hold function assists you when alighting the board to prevent you from toppling over. Finally, this remote is designed with a wrist wrap and is rechargeable.
The overall design is aesthetic, artistic, and pleasing to the eye. And unlike other mediocre boards, it doesn’t have pulleys, belts, or transmission under the board.

  • A powerful 700W hub motor
  • 2-speed modes to adjust according to terrain
  • Can support an impressive weight of 250 pounds
  • An impressive range of 12 miles on a single charge
  • A remarkable top speed of 23 miles per hour
  • It is not waterproof.

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Maple Longboard with Wireless Remote 

Maple Longboard with Wireless Remote

Looking for a skateboard with a sleek and unique design? Well, chances are you will be very impressed by this model. Besides donning an artistic design, it is packed with a lot of features to help you take your skating endeavors to the next endeavors.
It comes with dual motors which can achieve a top of speed of 20 km\h. The power that these motors produce makes it easy to climb steep inclines even on rugged terrain. The engine is powered by a 24V 2200mah Lithium Battery pack which fully charges in 2 hours and has a range of 10 km on a single charge.
This powertrain can be remotely controlled with an ergonomically designed remote that controls reverse, deceleration, and acceleration. There are two modes to select from depending on your power needs and terrain. These are advanced for pro skaters and beginners for greenhorns.
The design itself is flawless and lightweight, featuring a bamboo and maple wood grip with a premium grip tape. This seven-ply rock maple deck is strong yet light making it easy to transport the skateboard. The deck can sustain a maximum weight of approximately 286 pounds. This range accommodates almost everybody making it a versatile and flexible skateboard.

  • A powerful 24V 2200mah Lithium Battery pack
  • Low charging period of only 2 hours
  • A remarkable range of 10 km in a single charge
  • Can support 286 pounds
  • It is light yet strong
  • Not impressive top speed of 20kmh

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Longboard

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Just because you have a limited budget doesn’t mean you should settle for a substandard electric skateboard. This one is living proof that there are great options even on a budget.

Built from six layers of maple deck and one layer of bamboo, it provides a strong and durable platform. It’s sturdy with just enough flexibility to keep you stable while in motion.

It’s fitted with two 250W brushless motors capable of speeds of up to 16MPH with a range of up to 9.3 miles.

In addition to the impressive distance and speed, the powerful motors can tackle climbing angles of up to 10 degrees. With inbuilt regenerative braking, the performance of the skateboard is both reliable and smooth. The braking and acceleration are flawlessly providing a jerk-free experience. Your feet stay on the board and you don’t have to struggle to keep balance during speed changes.

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The 4400Mah, 25.2V lithium battery is the heart and soul of the power train of this impeccable electric skateboard. The battery provides power and is built for reliability.  

With a wireless ad ergonomic remote, you have the power to control the different parameters in your hands. The remote control comes complete with a display screen that allows you to check mileage, speed, power consumption and most importantly, to remind you when you need to connect to power output.

The cruise control is the most standout of the features you can enjoy with this electric skateboard. It makes moving around easier and you can adjust the speed of the skateboard depending on your preference and the status of the battery.

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The easy-to-use remote gets rid of any learning curves. If you have been on the traditional skateboard before, you only need to get this one out of the packaging and you’re ready for your first ride. With a max load of 220 pounds and a charge time of two hours, this beauty engineered for performance ticks on all the crucial boxes for an everyday electric skateboard.

The Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard is a mix of affordability, functionality, and practicality. It’s built for speed and brute force in consideration with modern-day challenges.  For users looking for some fun or to get around on a budget, it’s worth considering. It’s strong board design and incredible motors steal the show and the handy wireless remote furnishes you with all the vital data you need to keep running the skateboard without any inconveniences or surprises.

  • 250W brushless dual motors
  • A powerful 4400mah, 25.2V Lithium battery
  • Good quality, stable and sturdy build
  • Cruise control functionality
  • Handy information-filled ergonomic remote control
  • The wireless remote is easy to misplace
  • The warranty could be longer

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What to Consider When Buying an Electric Skateboard

⦁ Deck Materials

The idealist decks are those crafted from bamboo or layered with at least 5 layers of maple. The more the layers a deck, the stronger and more durable it is. You might also find other boards with extra materials on their decks such as fiberglass which makes them more resilient. The golden rule here, the stronger a deck is, the better for you. Therefore, go for skateboards whose decks have been optimized for strength, stability, and durability.

⦁ Weight Capacity

This refers to the maximum weight an electric skateboard can handle. If you are 150 pounds, ensure that what you have in mind has the structural integrity to hold your weight without collapsing. Otherwise, you might end up spending a lot of money on a good skateboard only for it to break into two on its maiden voyage. To be on the safe, carefully scrutinize the manufacturer’s weight limit before making your final decision.

⦁ Battery and Range

A majority of skateboard batteries are lithium-ion. The power a battery can store will determine its range and ability to climb steep inclines. Therefore, if you are looking for a skateboard to travel long distances or climb steep inclines, go for one with a strong and powerful battery. The charging period should also be considered. And once again, this depends on what is convenient for you. If you lack patience, a quick charging battery will come in handy but if you don’t mind waiting, a longer charging period is ideal for you.

⦁ Speed

Most electric skateboards come with different speed modes with low speed for beginners and high speeds for pro skaters. The choice here will depend on your level and preferences. If you are a beginner, go for a skateboard which you can regulate the speed.

⦁ Motor

Typically, skateboards come with either belt drive or brushless hub motors. Hub motors are less prone to breakdowns when compared to their counterparts. Moreover, they can be kicked like conventional boards even in the absence of batteries. If you will be cruising up steep slopes, dual motors will also come in handy.

⦁ Braking System

The commonest braking system for electric skateboards is the regenerative system. When breaking, the dissipating heat is redirected as energy to charge the batteries. For extra safety, a good electric skateboard should have both regenerative and dynamic braking for extra stopping power.

⦁ Wheel Quality

Wheels are very important especially when it comes to the overall rider’s experience. The wheel size specifically determines the speed, acceleration, and ease of handling the skateboard. In addition, the best wheels are crafted from polyurethane.

Comparison table

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Final Verdict

The winner of this review is undoubtedly the MEEPO Electric Skateboard. It has a perfect balance of top speed, range, and motor power. Moreover, it comes with a wide wheelbase of 32.5 inches which is easy to navigate rough terrains. The short charging period of 2 hours is also impressive. And though it doesn’t excel in every category, all of its features are well balanced
And with no doubt, it is a worthy contender whose value per dollar ratio is more than acceptable. Besides this, it is a perfect board for novices or even pros who are looking for a way into electric skateboards. All in all, the performance, price tag, range, and top speed are impeccable.