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Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit In 2022

Electric bikes are becoming popular these days, so it’s not surprising to see them on the streets. If you’re planning to buy one soon, you can opt to get a brand new electric bike for yourself. However, did you know that you don’t necessarily have to get a new full bike? If you want to save more, or you’re on a budget, you can just get an ebike conversion kit. It’s easy to install and is significantly cheaper. In no time, you can already drive an electric bike just like the others. To give you an idea of which kits to buy, we have reviewed the best electric bike conversion kit options in the market right now.

Front Ebike Conversion Kits

BAFANG 48V 500W front wheel conversion kit

BAFANG 48V 500W Front Hub Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit for 26inch Wheel Drive Engine with LCD Display (48V 17.5Ah Rear Battery and Charger)

For those who want to purchase a front motor electric bike kit, the Bafang is one of the best choices for you. It’s well-received in the market, and the reason for this is because it’s not only affordable, but it also has a lot of features.

One of the most prominent aspects of this e-bike kit is that it has a rare metal magnet that helps increase the efficiency of the motor. In this way, your bike will be able to provide greater power. It also has an aluminum alloy controller so that you can have a huge current supply and a twist throttle that has a power cut-off button and an LCD so that you can check out your battery levels. Lastly, this conversion kit has a crank speed sensor to help you with pedaling, increasing your speed in a smooth and easy manner. The Bafang is a front wheel electric bike kit with a battery pack. You can choose between several battery types that have different capacities or voltages. It’s recommended that you get the Li-Ion cell battery that has a nominal voltage of 48V and a nominal capacity of 12Ah.

BAFANG 48V 500W Front Hub Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit for 26inch Wheel Drive Engine with LCD Display (48V 17.5Ah Rear Battery and Charger)

If you’re in regular bicycling and would like to shift to electric bikes, just get a bike conversion kit instead. This front wheel ebike kit can already be simply installed on your regular bike, the simple installation instructions and wiring diagrams come with it. This type of kit is ideal for both beach cruising and fast driving. It can also work well on smooth pavements and rougher terrains, making it a great investment.

  • a rare earth metal magnet for motor efficiency.
  • aluminum alloy for added current supply.
  • a twist throttle features with a cut off button and an LCD to check out the battery levels.
  • a crank speed feature to assist you when pedaling.
  • The controller is a bit wobbly.
  • Some modes are not well modulated
BAFANG 48V 500W Front Hub Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit for 26inch Wheel Drive Engine with LCD Display (48V 17.5Ah Rear Battery and Charger)
  • ????【Easy Installation & Two Riding Model】 Easily convert your pedal bike into a motorized bike within 1 hour. We will offer a installation video and manual; Two riding Model (E-bike & Pedal Assisted bicycle) for you to choose, you can choose the E-bike to enjoy a long time travel, and also exercise
  • ????【Stable Drive System】 This Bafang front drive motor, which is compatible with the disc brake, has a rated power of 500W, providing ideal power for vehicles. Strong and efficient, this motor greatly enhances riding comfort and is suitable for touring bikes, commuter bikes and mountain bikes.
  • ????【Super Cost-Efficient】 Speed up to 38-40 KMH, 470 RPM, efficiency ≥ 80%; Brake Levers cut off the power supply to the motor safely.
  • ????【Complete Accessories】 Comes with most necessary accessories. front wheel & motor, controller, brake lever or hydraulic brake sensor, thumb throttle, controller case,Bafang LCD display (optional),battery and charger(optional),extension cable, PAS (two pcs),1T4 cable,LED light (free gift)
  • ???? 【American Service Center】We have inventory in US/EU/CA/AU warehouse, 3-7 days fast delivery time. One month free return. If any QUALITY problem within one year, our North American after-sales service center, providing technical support and maintenance

Focket Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

Focket Electric Bicycle Motor Kit, 20 inch Wheel 24V 250W Max Speed 25km/h E-Bike Conversion Kits Mountain Bike Powerful Motor Controller Set with LED Display Waterproof Wire for Road Bike(Front)

This is an amazing bicycle electric motor kit. This front wheel kit type is a popular brand that you can rely on when you want to convert your bike into an electric one. Though quite pricier than the rest, you can be assured of its quality as it’s only made from high-grade materials. Plus, they are also simple to use. In less than 30 minutes, you can already hit the road on your electric-powered bike.

Focket Electric Bicycle Motor Kit, 20 inch Wheel 24V 250W Max Speed 25km/h E-Bike Conversion Kits Mountain Bike Powerful Motor Controller Set with LED Display Waterproof Wire for Road Bike(Front)

The Clean Republic Electric Bike Kit is a trusted provider when it comes to ebike kits, and one of their most purchased kits right now is the 250 Watt 24 Volt Hill Topper. This has a medium power motor of 24/250w and can run with a speed of 15.5 mph. It is also compatible with a lot of wheel sizes (20, 24, and 26 inches). This electric bike conversion kit comes without a battery pack, but we’ve done the job for you and made a review of the best electric bike batteries.

If you want a reliable bike conversion kit that is easy to install and has great quality, then this model will surely work for you. It’s a front wheel kit, but the brand also has all types of other kits available. With this, you can glide on either smooth pavements or bumpy off-road spots.

Focket Electric Bicycle Motor Kit, 20 inch Wheel 24V 250W Max Speed 25km/h E-Bike Conversion Kits Mountain Bike Powerful Motor Controller Set with LED Display Waterproof Wire for Road Bike(Front)
  • 24V 250W motor specification, strong and powerful. Come with powerful controller guarantee big current supply. Suitable for both V brake and Disc brake.
  • The maximum speed of the motor will be 25km/h. The open size of the front fork is 100mm, rear fork is 135mm. Thumb Throttle with waterproof cables has battery level and power-cut off.
  • The size of the rim is 20". Crank speed sensor for pedal assist.
  • Brake: V brake/disc brake. Controller:24V 20A. Assist: 8 magnetic point assist sensor
  • Brake Lever: Power cut-off brake lever. Throttle: Thumb Throttle. Display: KT-900SLED Display. Wiring Mode: Waterproof wire for outgoing motor, common wiring for other
  • Made from high-grade materials
  • Can be easily installed
  • Is compatible with a lot of wheel sizes
  • Can be pricey
  • Biking range is shorter

Mid Conversion Kits

Bafang 8fun Mid-Drive Kit

Electric Bike Bafang 8fun Mid Drive Crank Motor kit 750w with Lithium Ion Battery by 8fun

Now, if you prefer to have a mid drive electric bike kit, then the Bafang 8fun Mid-Drive is one of the most well-rated kits in the market at the moment. It is the ideal bike conversion kit to have when you want to travel on any type of terrain as this is a versatile kit. You can use this during your commute to work or school or when you’re out leisurely biking on parks or even on mountain paths.

Electric Bike Bafang 8fun Mid Drive Crank Motor kit 750w with Lithium Ion Battery by 8fun

With this conversion kit, you will already have everything that you need to upgrade your regular bicycle to ebike. It has a powerful 750W motor, a Li-Ion 48V battery, and an LCD display wherein you can check out all the metrics and adjust various settings. Just like a water bottle, the kit’s battery is mounted on your bike. Its capacity is 12Ah, so it’s enough for long rides. In one charge of the battery, the kit can already run for 25 miles. Plus, as the kit is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about it getting soaked and getting broken every time you’re out during the rain.

Electric Bike Bafang 8fun Mid Drive Crank Motor kit 750w with Lithium Ion Battery by 8fun

This kit also has a lot of features. One of the most prominent features that it has includes consistently pedaling without too much effort but still regulating your bike’s speed interchangeably, a feature that’s not included in other kits.

  • a versatile kit since you can use it on any types of terrain
  • waterproof
  • not bulky
  • much more expensive than the other brands
  • does not come with an instruction

Tongsheng TSDZ2 Mid Drive Motor Kit

TongSheng New Version TSDZ2 Mid Central Motor Conversion ebike Kit,Torque Sensor 36V 500W 42T Chainwheel Electric Bicycle

A well-loved product from a big company in China, the Tongsheng TSDZ2 is a trusted mid-conversion type of kit that you can install in your bike. It’s cheaper than the rest of the mid-conversion types out there, but its quality is superb. Despite not having a lot of features compared to the Bafang brands, this one, aside from being reasonably priced, has a reliable central motor system that works equally well as the Bafang brand.

TongSheng New Version TSDZ2 Mid Central Motor Conversion ebike Kit,Torque Sensor 36V 500W 42T Chainwheel Electric Bicycle

With this, you can have a maximum speed of 14 to 20 mph that can reach up to 24 miles. Its known features are its controller and torque sensors built on the sides. It also has an LCD display wherein you can check the battery percentage, mileage, time, and speed displays on your bike. Plus, this kit is even compatible with almost all types of standard bike frames, making it a convenient aspect when you’re not too particular with checking the bike and kit dimensions.

TongSheng New Version TSDZ2 Mid Central Motor Conversion ebike Kit,Torque Sensor 36V 500W 42T Chainwheel Electric Bicycle

Anyone who wants to shift into an electric bike but is tight on a budget can depend on this brand. It’s definitely simple to install and easy to use.

  • cheaper than the other brands
  • uses high-quality materials
  • compatible to almost all standard bike frames
  • has torque sensors, a controller, and an LCD display for convenience and added biking performance
  • does not have a brake lever
  • does not come with a battery

Rear Conversion Kits

AW Rear Wheel Kit

AW Electric Bicycle LCD Display Motor Kit 48V1000W 26'x1.75' Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit Hub Motor for Bicycle

For those who are searching for one of the most powerful electric bike kit options today, it has a powerful 1000W motor and the maximum speed is 28mph. Aside from it being affordable, it’s also very flexible as it can be used on any type of standard bike frame as well. This makes it an excellent choice if you want to save money yet want to have a decent conversion kit for your bike.

The AW Rear Wheel Kit has an aluminum wheel with a size of 26”x1.75” with the added tire and electric controller as well. Because the controller has a dual mode, you can significantly extend your motor’s lifespan. This is done by switching from either a non-hall effect or a hall-effect. Like any other known kit, it also has an LCD display. Here, you can check out your bike’s battery level, time, speed, and mileage. Lastly, as it has a Pedal Assist System, you can ride on the bike with ease no matter how short or long the distance of your travel is.

If you want a reasonably priced conversion kit that has all of the basic features, this rear-conversion motor is one of the best choices that you can go for today. It has all of the aspects that you need in a kit, and it’s simple to use, and definitely worth your money.

  • Its controller has a dual mode setting to help conserve the motor’s power.
  • a clear LCD display to check out the status of your bike.
  • a Pedal Assist System to make biking smoother and less hassle.
  • This conversion kit can be too heavy for some.
  • It can produce rubbing noises.
AW Electric Bicycle LCD Display Motor Kit 48V1000W 26"x1.75" Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit Hub Motor for Bicycle
  • [Powerful Brushless Motor]: Electric bicycle rear wheel conversion kit features 48V 1000W brushless and gearless hub motor for efficient running; fit for any 26" bicycle frame with 5 5/16" rear dropout spacing, easily convert your bicycle to electric bike and reach the maximum riding speed of 45 KM/H, suitable for regular bicycles used on commuting and short journey
  • [Dual Mode Controller]: Motor works under Hall effect and non-Hall effect for extending life for electric bicycle; If the components break down, controller will switch into non-hall effect mode, the motor will still be working
  • [Pedal Assist System]: Pedal assist system (PAS) for sensing your pedal cadence and allowing you to ride electric bike comfortably without pressing the throttle on the handlebars, can avoid uncomfortable wrist positions and easy to pedal with less fatigue, great for a long-distance journey
  • [Durable & Convenient]: Aluminum alloy frame for durability and stability, can support a heavy weight up to 220 Lbs; drive system without moving chains or gears for anti-friction; LCD operation panel for displaying riding information such as battery power and riding speed
  • [Safe & Environmentally-Friendly]: Brake levers for cutting off the power and braking when riding, can ensure riding safety; CE certificated for quality and safety assurance; battery powered design for environmental protection

Voilamart 26-inch Rear Wheel Kit

No products found.

This is another trusted brand when it comes to rear bike kits. If you intend to add a rear motor on your bike, the Voilamart is a good choice for you. While this is not an electric bike kit with battery, you can still buy one separately. The recommended batteries are mentioned in the manufacturer’s instructions and should be not less than 48V and 11Ah. Here you can choose whatever batteries that are compatible with your bike.

With just a few dollars, you can already install this on the backside of your bike. What’s great about this conversion kit is that it has a strong brushless and gearless hub motor 750W that gives you a consistent 24mph speed. Plus, this provides the users with a 5-level intelligent pedal-assist system that’s adjustable. In addition, it also has a twist and throttles feature to help you take off from a stationary position.

Some other added features are an LCD display to show the status of the bike and the motor, a rear nylon tire that has an alloy rim, a controller made from aluminum alloy, brake levers, and cadence sensors.

  • It’s affordable.
  • strong hub motor for consistent speed.
  • 5 level intelligent pedal assist system
  • a lot of basic conversion kit features
  • The brakes are made from plastic, which can break easily.
  • LCD may have an error code.

No products found.

EBIKELING Direct Drive Motor e-Bike Kit

EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit for Electric Bike 26' Front or Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Kit, 1200W, Rear/LCD/Thumb

The last in our list is the EBIKELING Direct Drive Motor e-Bike. It is an excellent rear 48V 1200W motor conversion bike as this brand is definitely known to serve the best electric bike and accessories in the market today. This brand is also exceptional when it comes to motor performance.

Like the others, this brand has all the standard conversion kit features such as the thumb or twist throttle, LCD display panel, PAS, sensors, levers, torque arm, and even added lights so that you can be visible on the road at night.

EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit for Electric Bike 26' Front or Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Kit, 1200W, Rear/LCD/Thumb

While it has all the basic features, it does not come with a tire and battery. It will run 30mph top speed using a 48V 14ah battery. Despite this, it’s still all good as it’s reasonably priced. Just buy the tire and battery separately and you can already use this bike on the road. It’s quick to install and the instructions can be easily found online or on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • not so expensive
  • amazing motor performance
  • a lot of features like thumb or twist throttle, LCD, PAS, and the like.
  • It does not come with instructions.
  • It does not have a wiring diagram
EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit for Electric Bike 26" Front or Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Kit, 1200W, Rear/LCD/Thumb
  • Easily convert your bicycle to an electric bike. Ebike Conversion Kit is ready to install with an aluminum double-walled rim and hub motor already attached. All you need to do is to transfer the original tire to the electric bike kit and enjoy your brand-new ebike!
  • Ebike Conversion Kit includes all necessary components for installation; the wheel hub motor, controller, display, throttle, brake levers, pedal-assist system, torque arm, and cable ties. Please, note that in this Electric Bike Kit, BATTERY & TIRE ARE NOT INCLUDED!
  • Upgrade your ebike with the LCD Display in the conversion kit. It shows all the essential information such as battery percentage, speed, total and single trip distance, wattage, PAS levels, and error codes for easier troubleshooting. Basically, it is your I in the tire!
  • Continue to pedal: Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) allows you to ride your electric bike kit without a throttle response. You may operate your electric bicycle either way. Avoid uncomfortable wrist positions and simply pedal anytime, anywhere.
  • We offer a 1-year warranty on hub motors and batteries. All other components are under a 3-month warranty. We provide technical support and hassle-free returns, full refund, or replacements. We strive to ensure your satisfaction with our service and products. Note: Please ensure you select a specific variant from size and style. By default, the first variant of each option will be selected.

How to Choose an Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

If you’re already aware of the existing variety of conversion kits in the market at the moment, you must be wondering why there are a lot of types of them like the front, mid, and rear motor kit types. While they come in different forms and have their own advantages and disadvantages, choosing the best electric bike kit for you would still boil down to your preference and personal needs. If you’re confused as to how you’re going to pick from the suggested kits above, here’s how to do it:

Questions to Ask Before Buying

Before you start shopping, consider these questions first:

  • What’s the distance that I’ll be traveling per day?
  • What will my traveling terrain be? Is it smooth or rough?
  • What’s my budget for this?
  • How much weight am I willing to add to my bike?
  • Do I prefer to alternate between biking with a motor and without it in a smooth and light manner?
  • Do I want to tinker and customize my bike when installing the bike kit or just have one that’s simple and fast to install?
  • Do I want to have a motorbike-style bike that does not need pedaling and comes with a fast speed?

Answering these questions will lead you to your ideal conversion kit. You can let your local electric bike kit provider know about your preference as well so that he can assist you all the way.

The Types of Electric Bike Conversion Kits that You Should Know About

Now that you’ve narrowed down everything from answering the questions above, you’ll need to know the different types of conversion kits in the market right now so that you can find one that would perfectly fit your requirements. That’s where things get more interesting as there are multiple ways of electrifying your bike. Each type has its own set of pros and cons and suits different budgets/requirements.

Powered E-Bike Wheels

A powered wheel is perhaps the most common type of e-bike kit and a practical solution for most riders. You swap the front or back wheel with an e-bike wheel, which includes a special hub with a motor, battery, and gearing. A front power wheel with the battery mounted separately elsewhere works well for road riding as the weight is evenly distributed.

  • Front Motor

This is simple to install – no hassles and it has fewer requirements needed. This is ideal for those who want a basic bike kit and is compatible with any standard bike frame. The weight in front, when installed, adds a nice touch of balance when you bike, and it stimulates that feeling of an all-wheel drive. However, steering becomes heavier when all the weight is on the front wheel (more rotating mass). That’s why it’s recommended not to use these wheels on light road bikes as the motor can produce high torque (the fork of a road bike might not be strong enough to handle high torque).

  • Rear Motor

Rear power wheels are much more complicated to install but they have significantly improved traction for uphill, making it a great electric bike conversion kit for road bikes. The motor installed at the back of your bike adds that nice feel when you pedal but may be heavy, so you need to get used to it once it’s installed. They are suitable for off-road cycling because of their better traction. You may also have to replace the derailleur and cassette if you have a bike with hub gear.

Friction drive

Friction drive kits are installed slightly at the back of your bike and are attached with a bolt to the frame. When installing, it may require more parts and may need extra tinkering. Friction drive kits are not very efficient and can cause weight distribution issues (that’s why these kits are not so popular). A motor and roller are attached directly to the rear wheel and friction moves the bike forward, which is not the most sought-after way of converting your regular bike into an e-bike.

Pedal Crank Geared Drive (mid-drive)

This is also bolted in the middle of your bike, specifically near the pedal cranks. Here, the kit motor powers the cranks for added strength and speed when biking. This makes it amazing for uphill biking. However, it needs moderate engineering skills to assemble it as it comes with a lot of parts. These kits are placed low down, which means better stability by mounting the motor and battery to the frame. However, they are more prone to getting damaged by hitting rocks/other obstacles and are not a sensible choice for off-road cycling.


The suggested best electric bike conversion kits above are some of the most trusted brands in the market today. They may vary in prices and features, but they all have almost the same quality when it comes to motor performance. While they have different capacities, they all work splendidly. All you have to do is just choose the ideal one for you.