Best Electric Bike Batteries In 2020

Best Electric Bike Batteries In 2022

Choosing the best electric bike battery is essential if you have an eBike that you use for exercising or commuting to work. In addition, if you depend on your electric bike for your daily commuting, you know that the battery can be the determinant of how enjoyable each ride is. For this reason, you want to select one of the best electric bike batteries not only durable but also reliable in terms of the performance you can get from it.

Fortunately, there are a lot of different models you can choose from, all ranging from different sizes and designs to suit your e-bike.

Although most people like this abundance of options, it can quickly become a problem for others as when there are too many options to look at, it becomes confusing. This can be worse for someone who is purchasing a battery for their bike for the first time. Consequently, you either have to have the expertise to sieve through the myriad of options or invest significant time in lengthy research so you don’t choose the wrong battery.

One of these two is essential if you want to settle down on a unit that suits your budget and preferences.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do either. This guide is going to help you choose the best one, without putting in extra research time. We have done all the research for you; all you have to do is select one that meets your pre-defined criteria. In the following paragraphs, we have reviewed the best electric bike batteries with an in-depth analysis of the features, benefits, and downsides of each model. By the end of this review, you should now have a clear idea of a suitable battery for your electric bike.

Best electric bike battery models review

Unit Pack Power 48V 13AH Electric Bike Battery

Unit Pack Power 48V 13AH Electirc Bike Battery

There are many lithium batteries for electric bikes out there but the Unit Pack Power Rechargeable Battery stands out. This great-looking battery uses regenerative braking, which helps prolong battery life. It also has a lockable mount bracket that can be fastened to the frame of the bike, using the same threaded offset so that installation can be easier.

The Unit Pack Li-ion 48V e-bike battery can guarantee an impressive acceleration and can cover up to 50 miles with moderate pedaling. It comes with a rear rack and clicks nicely into the rack on the back of your eBike. Not only that, you can lock it with a key as well as take it out of the bike to protect it against theft or if you are expecting it to rain.

What we like
The battery size is suitable for most bikes and can take on larger cells for better performance. Moreover, it’s well constructed and boasts a solid capacity rating of 13Ah. Because of its sleek-looking design, it’ll add to your e-bikes aesthetics and appearance. It comes with all the necessary things you’ll need for easier operation, including the motor, charger, cords, keys, etc.

What we don’t like
You may need to waterproof it if you intend to use it in rainy conditions. Moreover, there is no storage space in the rear rack, a sacrifice that’s needed for portability.

  • excellent performance
  • covers a lot of mile on one charge
  • comes with necessary accessories
  • design is simple and aesthetically pleasing
  • regeneration braking to extend battery life
  • price

Onebuy Ebike Battery 36V 10Ah Lithium Ion Battery

Onebuy Ebike Battery 36V 10Ah Lithium Ion Battery

As you probably know, eBike batteries differ in price, so a 48V battery cannot be compared to a 36V since it’ll be more expensive. The Onebuy Electric Battery is one of the most reliable models out there and comes with a reasonable price. Since it is a lithium-ion battery and comes with a water bottle design, you’ll find it doesn’t weigh down your bike. This is important if you are making a comparison between SLA and lithium-ion batteries. You want to consider the differences between lithium-ion and SLA batteries when reviewing the cost. The lithium-ion models are now more popular and much lighter than other types. They also hold a charge for a long period and don’t have a memory effect since they don’t have to discharge completely before you can charge them.

If you are looking for a battery that makes biking effortless and graceful, then the Joyisi Electric Battery is a great option for you.

What we like
The Onebuy Ebike Battery comes with a mounting rack for attaching it to the back of your bike, which is a good option if you are looking to maneuver aggressive uphill routes. It also comes with 2 security keys for locking the battery to your bike for additional security and safety. It’s also a great model for those who are looking to convert their current bike to eBikes.

What we don’t like
The charging port is flimsy and may not last you for a long time. This is a downside to consider since it might require changing the port if it stops working.

  • easy installation
  • excellent price tag
  • high discharge rate
  • slightly not clear user manual

Joyisi 48V 15AH Electric Ebike Battery

Joyisi 48V 15AH Electric Ebike Battery

If you are looking for the best electric bike battery 48v, look no further than the Joyisi 48V 15Ah Li-ion Battery. It comes in a modern shape and an intuitive design that makes installing and uninstalling faster and easier. The packaging includes a battery holder to make the mounting on your bike easier. While the aluminum casing of the battery helps in protecting it from the elements, it’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t overwhelm you or the bike when you need to ride at top speeds.

The battery is capable of delivering 1000W at 2.5Ah, which ensures an enhanced performance over competing batteries in its class. Depending on the terrain you’re riding on, the range, speed, and overall weight, the Joyisi eBike battery can offer you up to 30-40 miles on average and up to 15 amp hours on a single charge. This makes it one of the longest-range batteries on this list. If you are riding on mostly flat surfaces, you can expect to get up to 35 mph and at least 15 mph on steep/rough hills with minimal pedal assist.

What we like
The battery features a handle on the back that you can easily flip to release it from the holder/pocket. Moreover, it’s easy to lock in place so it doesn’t bother you when you are out and about. And you can easily unlock it, slid it out, and take it inside for charging when you are back.

The battery features a handle on the back that you can easily flip to release it from the holder/pocket. Moreover, it’s easy to lock in place so it doesn’t bother you when you are out and about. And you can easily unlock it, slid it out, and take it inside for charging when you are back.

What we don’t like
It takes more than 2-days for the battery to arrive in the USA since it’s assembled and tested in China before being shipped to the USA. So, if you are used to the 2-day shipping process, you might be disappointed. However, if you don’t need this urgently, it might be worth the wait since it’s an excellent battery.

  • best riding time
  • high-quality workmanship
  • excellent customer service for any hiccups
  • great performance and longevity of battery power
  • not cheap

Flying Horse ModWheel Li-Ion E-Bike Battery

Flying Horse ModWheel Li-Ion E-Bike Battery

If you have a 36V e-bike, you need to get yourself a dedicated battery for which the Flying Horse ModWheel Battery is an excellent choice.

You can use it on 1000, 750, 250, and 500-watt conversion kits, even though that depends on the version you have. Compared to the Zhiwei battery, it’s more powerful. It features an average 15 amp hours which will give you more than 25 miles on a single charge, compared to that of the 10 amp hours on the Zhiwei electric bike battery. This is a significant feature to consider if you always consider the range when selecting your bike battery. With more amp hours, you can cover pretty more range before you need to recharge.

You can either attach the battery to the down tube or on the back of your bike using the included rack. It will click into place or slide into the rear rack, securing it into place. You can also make it more secure by locking it with a key, a good measure against anyone looking to cart it away without your notice.

Another worthy feature of this Li-ion battery is that it’s made with Panasonic Cells. These premium battery cells ensure that you get the most performance from the unit. So, if you don’t want to pedal for miles and miles and want to convert your eBike to a money saver, this universally fit battery is a good option for you.

What we like
Compared to lithium-ion batteries, this 36v battery last longer and will help put your 36v eBike on a better footing. In addition, the build quality is great and offers up to 800 charge cycles for even more enjoyable biking.

This unit has an integrated USB charging port so you can charge your phone while on the go. It also has an on/off button with LED and locking to keep up the security.

What we don’t like
While it has top specs, the Flying Horse ModWheel eBike Battery is the most expensive unit on this list. So, if you don’t have the budget, you can go for either the AW battery or the Joyisi battery since they are great alternatives. But if you are sticking to a 36v battery for your bike, you may need to buy it anyway.

  • ecellent build quality
  • durable and last very long
  • integrated USB charging port
  • On/off button with LED light
  • controller bag they give in the kit does not really fit very well

Mighty Max 12V 22Ah Bike Sealed Battery

Mighty Max Battery 12V 22Ah

If you are looking for the best battery for an electric bike, you don’t necessarily have to choose a lithium-ion battery. This Amazon’s Choice battery is great for both cyclic and float applications. It’s going to provide great performance, owing to its heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid and valve-regulated design. This design makes it suitable for use in both indoor and enclosed environments. Wherever you want to use it, it won’t need any maintenance, and neither would it leak, making it a great choice for a wide range of eBike models out there.

This sealed lead acid battery (SLA), though a little heavy for an eBike, is quite affordable. It’s a great model for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly battery for your e-bike. All you have to do is add a powerful controller to your setup and your bike can go from slow to fast and operate at top speed when you need it. Even though it’s heavy, it doesn’t bog down the bike. Most importantly, the battery is not affected by weather conditions, it can maintain its long-lasting performance whether the temperature is low or high. Compared to lithium-ion batteries, it’s not as discreet and may not go well with a fashionable bike unless you drop it in an enclosed box.

What we like
This battery has a long service life and high discharge rate which means it can power your bike for longer periods without you worrying about recharging it. Thus, making it easy to use. The maintenance-free capacity also provides makes it a better option than lithium-ion batteries.

The Mighty Max Battery is corrosion resistant and better in this case than non-deep-cycle batteries. Moreover, it can resist vibration and shocks and you can mount it in any position, making it for easy setup.

What we don’t like
The Mighty Max Battery is a little heavy so it might not be a good option if you are looking for portability. However, the charge lasts for a long time, which makes it suitable for long-distance traveling.

  • resists shocks and vibration
  • spill-proof battery with long service life
  • can be mounted in any position
  • inexpensive option
  • operates satisfactorily in high and low temperatures
  • backed by 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • no mounting accessories or wire harness included
  • might be too heavy for an eBike

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best eBike Battery

Battery Cost

If you own an ebike and need a new battery for it, one of the most important things you need to consider is the electric bike battery cost. Why is this important? Because these batteries could cost you up to $1000 depending on the brand and battery capacity you want.

Nowadays, the price is much more affordable with some going for only a few hundred dollars compared to 10 years ago. Now, many people can afford them. And as more and more producers enter the scene, there will be diversity and that will further drive down the costs of purchasing an electric bike battery.

Even with all of that, you should still consider all the possible costs you’ll incur when purchasing your eBike battery. This is especially if you need to get a powerful model for your bike. In terms of costs, you should focus more on the battery capacity measured in Ampers per hour (Ah) as it’s important in how long a battery can last you. For example, you can go for SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries if you are looking for budget-friendly models. Batteries like the Mighty Max Baoshi are fall in this category. Even though they are now going out of fashion, they can power a lot of models.


When buying a battery for your e-bike, you should consider the maximum speed, which is determined by the voltage. It refers to the pressure at which electricity moves through the battery, which translates to the speed level of the bike. It’ll, therefore, determine whether your eBike is fast or slow.

The higher the voltage of the battery, the higher the speed and power of your eBike. And you typically don’t need more than a 36v battery if you only need to drive your bike to work or for short rides around the city. A 48v battery is better suited for rough terrains or when you need to go on long rides or if you own a fat tire ebike. Just be aware that they are more expensive and should only be considered if you’re going to use them at their maximum capacity.

Batteries come in different types and similarly in the amount of volts\power they handle. For example, lithium batteries commonly handle 36/48 volts. So, to choose the right one, you have to be able to choose a suitable battery as well as the right amount of voltage that’ll be required to meet your needs.


The capacity of the battery is measured in watt/amp hours with 10Ah being the most common measure. One thing to consider is that more capacity translates to more battery weight. Even though it helps you ride longer, you’ll need to consider the weight of your bike, your own weight, and of the battery itself. So, if you buy a heavy battery, it might overwhelm your bike and reduce the speed. And you can’t force the battery because you’ll end up draining it faster.

What should you do then? Consider how many rides you need to get. An 8Ah or 10Ah is typically recommended for short rides and if you normally ride your eBike on flat surfaces. Rough terrains and regular long-distance journeys with maxed speed will require higher capacities up to 20Ah+.

You should consider how long a battery can supply a steady current before buying it. This is important if you go on long distances regularly. In this case, consider the amp-hours, which is the charge capacity of the battery, and ensure that it’s high enough. The more of it you have, the better the battery supply you get. Generally, look at those batteries that supply a lot of current for one single amp so you can enjoy a longer time on one single charge. Just keep in mind that the more amp hours a battery has, the more costly it is.


When buying a bike battery, you also have to consider how you’re going to mount it. You’ll normally get a rack-mounted or frame-mounted batteries. The frame-mounted batteries bolt onto the frame of the bike, where the water bottle is usually located. The rack-mounted batteries are typically installed at the back of the bike for a reduction in the load to make the bike easier to ride on. This style is often bigger and is not as portable as the frame-mounted designs.

Stability of the battery

Getting a stable battery is going to save you a lot of costs in the long run. This is because buying a new one is always expensive if the current one doesn’t last long. You want to look for those that are reliable and durable. However, with modern batteries, you don’t have to worry too much about this as long as you’re not overheating the battery.

Battery range

This is related to the bike itself as well as the size of the battery you are using. There are many factors that can affect the range offered by a battery, including air resistance, tire pressure, terrain, support level, and weight. Depending on the usage, the amount of miles each battery can cover is quite different. So, if riding distance is important to you, you should consider the range offered by the battery in relation to your bike.


Most eBikes don’t work well with heavy batteries. And you don’t need them unless you are looking for a battery that can take you for long distances. Most sealed lead acid batteries are heavy and often add more weight to the bike, but they are more suitable for long distance traveling. Fortunately, lithium-ion batteries are catching up and you should have plenty of models to choose from that are not only portable but also reliable.

Bottom Line

Whether you own a manufacturer-specific eBike or are building your own from the ground up using a conversion kit, you need a solid battery to get things going. There are a lot of models out there and choosing the right one isn’t as easy as reading reviews and just buying.

You have to determine what you want the battery to do for you as well as understand the important features to look out for when buying. This will help you screen out the low-quality, low-performance batteries so you can focus on the high-quality ones. By doing this, you get the most for what you pay.

In addition, it’s important to choose a battery that’s well constructed and durable. You’ll be able to enjoy it for a long time, which is important if you are spending this much on a battery. As long as you understand your need and select the most appropriate battery to fulfill it, you shouldn’t have any problem.