Dualtron Thunder

A Sound Of Thunder – Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

Off-road electric scooters are no longer a rarity. We saw the sleek Eltreco RHINO. We tried the powerful chopper Citycoco X1. Admired by the monstrous Velocifero Mad Truck. It would seem that all approaches to the outdoor on an electric scooter have already been tried, and we can’t surprise us with anything fundamentally new, but Minimotors succeeded.
In 2016, the Minimotors Koreans launched the Dualtron brand on the electric scooter market and proved that “further”, higher and stronger, is possible! These are heavy, stylish and powerful twin-engine electric scooters that leave the vast majority of competitors far behind. And now – while other companies are trying to copy DualTron’s innovations – Korea is taking a step forward: in 2018, a new generation of twin-engine monsters, including the off-road Dualtron Thunder, are entering the market. We will talk about it.

First look

Right after the release date of the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter we managed to get acquainted with the new product. Here it is, in all its glory:

dualtron thunder first look

COOL! The model looks really cool: powerful wide wheels, a high raised solid deck, a stylishly wrinkled steering wheel – the design looks more than worthy. But the most interesting, of course, is “under the hood”.

So, Thunder got two engines of 2700 watts each. What does this give him? If the main thing, then:

This is a very fast scooter – the speed ​​up to 85 km / h. The model confidently competes with many gasoline scooters. Moreover, in the city, the restriction is still 60 km / h, and the thunder guy gives this speed without visible tension even uphill;
Payload up to 150 kg. An excellent indicator is not unique, but certainly outstanding;
Cruising range up to 120 kilometers. For everyday trips for the eyes (including, for example, for trips to the near Moscow region).
And these are only the main characteristics – and happiness is not only in them: Thunder breaks ahead in so many ways.

About the innovations that came with Thunder

about the innovations

Minimotors in the genre of electric vehicles do real miracles, naturally moving the industry forward – by leaps and bounds. Yes, it turns out expensive (Thunder, for now, it will cost a little more than 3700$), but it’s worth it. So, about the most striking features of the new Dualtron for off-road:

Elastomeric suspension. Absolutely perfect shock absorber – 45 tuning options allow you to adapt the suspension to any conditions! 3 levels of ground clearance, 5 materials of different stiffness, 3 degrees of limitation of the course of elastomers: Dualtron Thunder can be adjusted to any task;
11-inch tubeless wheels. Wide, with an accentuated downward extension from the deck, Thunder wheels provide excellent ground clearance. I really believe that the scooter is able to cope with bumps, and with pits, and with other delights of easy off-road (looking ahead: yes, capable). Well, tubeless is not afraid of accidental punctures, which is also a big plus;
Powerful light. On the road, it is very important to clearly see where exactly you are driving. That is why Thunder has two LED headlights on each side of the steering wheel – in total, four powerful elements illuminate the road at once.
But the main trump card of Thunder remains its characteristics, which in combination with an ultra-modern suspension allow the electric scooter to work on the track – and beyond – real miracles.

What is Thunder in business?

how is it in business

Fine and intimidating. This is a VERY powerful guy who literally rushes forward immediately after turning on the motor. Acceleration is incredibly pleasant: pulling, spectacular and quite aggressive. The response to the steering … is more than acceptable. It is good – not as tasty as on sports models (mainly because of the wide wheels), but quite clear and fast. Scooter obediently obeys control at all speeds, including at maximum speeds. With the brakes, of course, everything is also in order (at 85 km / h “at maximum speed” this is a very relevant point).

Everything is done very conveniently. All controls are at hand, a deck with a proprietary non-slip coating, both feet fit on it without any problems. If necessary, Thunder can easily be folded and placed in the trunk – however, you still can’t call our thunderbolt mobile: it’s heavy. 40 kilograms of weight – honestly for such characteristics, but you can’t drag it in your hands.

dualtron thunder wheels

Will Dualtron Thunder take root in the market?

In the off-road premium, of course. This giant has virtually no sane competitors: in terms of characteristics, the Korean novelty is “ahead of the rest”. And with a good margin. Therefore, if you like to have really powerful equipment like Dualtron Thunder electric scooter and its price tag doesn’t scare – do the order and you will not regret it!

  • Engine power
  • Maximum speed
  • Battery life
  • One of the fastest scooter on the market
  • 15-step Adjustable Ruber Suspension
  • New EYE Throttle System
  • Super Wide Tubeless On Road Tire
  • Maximum 330lb Load
  • Price
  • Weight